Sole to Soul: How to Identify Your Soul Purpose and Monetize It
Home Study Course

We take you on a 16 week journey that supports you to go deep and identify what you are meant to be doing, how to make a Big difference and monetize your mission all at the same time.  You get to be yourself, embrace all that you have to offer and package your message in a way that is tremendous value for your clients and profitable for you. 

I have been offering the first chapter of my book - Sole to Soul : How To Identify Your Soul Purpose and Monetize It - Free.
And I know that's not enough, because you have reached out to me and asked for my support to help you make it real.
So, I'm responding to your request...
I have taken the home study course, which includes the whole sole to soul ebook and reduced the price to $49and added in unlimited q and a through facebook so I'll be with you all the way, until you get it! 
And, for the next 5 start ups who get the Sole to Soul home study program, I am adding your bonus of a 30 minute monetize me call, live, one to one with me! (My consulting clients pay me no less than $1000 for the monetize me package - so don't breathe a word to them).

We'll identify your soul purpose, what quadrant you are in from your Live Rich Spread Wealth Assessment and map out what to do next to Monetize Your Soul Purpose to get you started up NOW.

And remember, you'll also get unlimited communication with me and your peers to ask all your questions on the private facebook group until you know your soul purpose like you know your own unique fingerprint!. 

My time is really limited, and I'm squeezing this in because I really want to serve you and get you monetized! Hurry, it won't be available for long, because...

There are only 5 spaces to work directly with me and they are sure to go fast!

P.S. If you don't act on your dream NOW and learn to fulfil your soul purpose you may regret missing this opportunity for a very long time, because today won't ever come round again.

How long do you want to wait and what are you waiting for - each day you wait you're losing out on living your fulfilled life that you so richly deserve.

How do I know?

Because, I have been there. 

Because, when you live your soul purpose, you impact the world and you have the opportunity to leave a legacy that makes a difference forever.

Over to you...


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A systematic approach to obtaining abundance as a result of living in your soul purpose so that you can make an impact without sacrificing it all - I will show you that it is not a requirement, neither is it expected and why you want freedom, confidence, a plan and an approach that will allow you to unlock all that is available to you in life as you serve your community!

“Sole to Soul touched my soul in a way that was inspirational, actionable and extremely enjoyable. Melissa weaves practical strategies with specific metaphors for how each of us truly makes a difference in the world by believing in our own uniqueness. Nice work!" 

Skip Weisman - The Leadership & Workplace Communication Experts

A Word From The Author

You have talents and abilities that make you special and unique. And you can use those talents to make a great income while helping those around you and making a positive difference in this world. Take the leap!